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Welcome to Radionic Instruments, we produce a full range of radionics machines and software along with our Orgone Parasite Zapper.

All our products are designed and manufactured in house, using the highest quality components and methods available.

Every one of our radionic instruments and parasite zappers carry our lifetime repair or replace guarantee, for your peace of mind.

We also provide unlimited email support with every device and software product.

Although the radionic instrument is capable of many wonderful things on this site we will focus on health related uses

Free Shipping On All Products..

Yes you read correct, we include Free Shipping with all our products, regardless of where in the world you live.

Current Models:

RI3000 STD

Radionic Instruments RI3000 Std Radionics Device

+ Free Software


Radionic Manifestor Companion Radionics Software


  • Manifesting.
  • Basic Homeopathy.
  • Orgone/Chi Charging.
  • Agricultural Radionics.
  • Living Water.
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Only $475

RI3000 Pro

Radionic Instruments RI3000 Plus Radionics Device

+ Free Software


Radionic Manifestor Companion Radionics Software


  • Manifesting.
  • General Vitality Analysis.
  • Make Base 10 Remedies.
  • Homeopathy.
  • Basic Remedy Duplication
  • Orgone/Chi Charging.
  • Agricultural Radionics.
  • Radionic Broadcasting
  • Living water.

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Only $575

RI9000 PRO

Radionic Instruments RI9000 Device

+ Free Software


Radionic Manifestor Pro 3 + Radionic Manifestor Companion Radionics Software Included.



  • Manifesting.
  • General Vitality Analysis.
  • Analysis & Treatment.
  • Professional Homeopathy.
  • Make Base 10 Remedies.
  • Automatic remedy duplication.
  • Orgone/Chi Charging.
  • Agricultural Radionics.
  • Radionics Broadcasting
  • Make Living water.

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Only $997


Current Parasite Zapper Models:


Radionic Instruments Orgone Parasite zapper 97 DollarsRadionic Instruments Orgone Parasite Zapper battery cover & belt clip+ Free Software

Radionic Instruments Zapp Right Software

Zapp-Right Zapping Protocol Software Included Free with every Zapper. Biased on the Dr Hulda Clark zapping protocol to ensure effective treatment.


  • 14Hz Frequency.
  • Internal Orgone Generator.
  • Internal Therapy Magnets.
  • Push button On/Off.
  • Led Indicator.
  • Solid Copper Contacts.
  • Built in Belt Clip.
  • Easy access Battery Cover.
  • Zapping Protocol Software.

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Only $97

Radionic Software:



Radionic-instrument-Software Radionic Manifestor Companion

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Main Features:

  • Compatible with any Radionic Instrument.
  • Auto or Manual Rates.
  • Solfeggio Frequencies.
  • Save and Load Sessions.
  • Rate for Witness & Trend.
  • 16 Frequencies.
  • Mix Mp3 & Frequency.
  • Auto Rate generation.
  • Trend & Witness images.
  • Single page interface.
  • Windows compatibility.

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Only £47

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Get it Free with a any of our Radionic Instruments

All our Radionic Instruments come with Radionic Manifestor Companion Radionics Software Free of Charge (Pictured Right).

All our Zappers come with our free Zapping Protocol Timing Software (Pictured Above).

For our full range of our software please visit:

Warranty Information:

We will repair or replace your Instrument free of charge, but you the customer are responsible for all shipping cost both ways when returning a machine for repair or replacement.

Please make sure your machine is adequately wrapped in bubble wrap and in a sturdy box, as we will not be responsible for damages due to inadequate packaging.

Also please don’t forget to include your name, address, and email.




Disclaimer: The product on this page are not approved medical devices, and no claims are made to there effectiveness in treating any illness or disease or otherwise. If you are ill, feel unwell or need medical attention please see a doctor or healthcare professional.


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