Radionic Instruments Genie 3000 Std

Radionic Instruments Genie 3000 STD

“Spooky action at a distance” Einstien

radionic Instruments RI3000 Std

Every device is hand-made to exacting standards by our highly trained craftsman Radionic Instruments Genie 3000 Std

The Radionic instruments Genie 3000 Std 

gives you the power to effect change at a distance in any. Distance therapy and analysis, remote healing

  • Person
  • Situation
  • Condition
  • Animal or Pet
  • Agricultural crop

All this is possible from anywhere in the world and too anywhere in the world.

You will have ultimate control over relationships, financial situations, to even improving the health and vitality of your garden, crops, livestock & pets.

All with the Genie 3000 STD radionics instrument.

The latest Genie 3000 STD (from April 2018 on) is able to automatically lock onto its target like a laser-guided missile.

Now using all 6 rate dials for trend rate setting. This gives far greater accuracy for treatments, remedies, and radionic analysis than any 3 dial device.

We have given also given it a wider frequency range from 0.5hz right the way up to 1.4khz. Last but not least, the Genie 3000 STD now has twice the Scalar and orgone output of previous versions.


  • Twice the power output of previous versions.
  • Improved internal architecture.
  • Internal Antenna.
  • Base 10 rate setting.
  • 6 Rate Dials
  • New stick pad for even better stick response.
  • Audio Input 3.5mm jack socket for any Mp3 player, PC, Cd or tape player, etc.
  • Variable 0.5hz to 1.4khz frequency.
  • LED Frequency indicator.
  • Dust Proof controls.
  • Solid brass polished Witness and Trend plate (Wells).
  • Input and Output Phono Expansion sockets.
  • Higher Orgone & Scalar output for faster Treatments & water & food charging.
  • Powered by 9v Battery or Mains power.
  • Battery adapter included.
  • Radionic Manifestor Companion Software Included Free.

We pride ourselves in our build quality, in fact, we are so confident in the quality of our machines every machine has a Free Lifetime Guarantee & email support for as long as you own it.

Simply put, If it ever breaks down send it back and we will repair or replace it free of charge.

radionic Instruments RI3000 Std 475 Dollars

Only $475

****** FREE SHIPPING ****** 

Includes Free Lifetime Warranty & Free Software Package




We will repair or replace your machine free of charge, but you the customer are responsible for all shipping cost both ways when returning a machine for repair or replacement.

Please make sure your machine is adequately wrapped in bubble wrap and in a sturdy box,

We will not be responsible for damages due to inadequate packaging. Also please include your name, address, and email and telephone number.




This is not a medical device, and no claims are made otherwise. If you are ill or need medical attention please see a doctor or healthcare professional.


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